Monday, November 05, 2007

Saturday downtown with Orion

Saturday morning I took off downtown with Orion to get a bunch of stuff sorted out. First we went to get Blue Bottle Coffee, but realized (since we had a car) that it was probably way easier to go to the Hayes Valley Blue Bottle Coffee rather than the Ferry Building. That was a good call, it wasn't too crazy and worked out nicely.

Then we went downtown and did a bunch of stuff. We went to Men's Warehouse which was completely disorganized and had terrible customer service, but I did manage to get my tux rental for Frank's wedding which is coming up soon, and I bought a new tux shirt so I can re-use most of my own tux rather than renting everything which is great. Then we went to Macy's and I bought a Martha Stewart bar serving set, with a tray, ice cube tongs, shaker, etc!! It is sweeeeeeeeet and it was a good price, I also had a 20% off all day coupon for Macy's so that rocked. Then off to the Macy's Men's store and I bought a pair of black socks for Frank's wedding and a new pair of Sketchers shoes which were on sale plus I got to use my 20% off coupon. Sweet.

Then to The Cheesecake Factory where we got a seat outside in the beautiful weather with an awesome view of Union Square. Awessssssome!

Then back home to drop off stuff. Then off to Kiran's house, one of my co-workers at ILM! His wife has just finished her Ph.D so this was a celebration with them. Good times!! We had some awesome Indian food and Kiran made us a fancy drink. Good stuff!!

And then... off to Matt's art show!! More on that in the next post.

At Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley

Mmm... a "Gibraltar", kindof like a short Cappuccino

Me and my favourite Coffee

Me taking photos

Orion driving

Me and Orion on top of Macy's at Union Square

Chillin' at lunch

Lots of crazy birds

My sweeeeeeet new shoes

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