Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cinematic Titanic

So I've never really gotten into watching this crazy show called Mystery Science Theater 3000, but I'd kindof heard about it and heard it was funny. Anyway, crazy story. Check this out.

Craziest part about this?? Well, the dudes from MST3K (as it's called) are returning to their hilarious "movie riffing" in a new show called Cinematic Titanic... and as the website says, we get to go to a special live show?!?!??! Awesome!!!!!!!
Also, in the news: I’ve just been interviewed by Lucasfilm online, in anticipation of Cinematic Titanic’s first live show and world premiere in San Francisco in December. We will link to that story as soon as it is released. Sorry, but this special live show is a closed event for I.L.M/Lucasfilm employees and guests only. As of this writing we are still negotiating some of the fine points, however I am pleased to mention that they’ve granted us the rights to offer this event to you, the friends of Cinematic Titanic, remotely and slightly after the fact - stay tuned.
Sweet. So I will post some details if I can after the show. Maaaaan that is just awesome. What a cool opportunity and pretty nuts that there is a MST3K event at work!! Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

I wanted to see some more details about what this show is about since I kindof missed it as a kid I guess. It's a dude stuck on a spaceship and to pass the time he watches bad movies with his robot friends and they make fun of the movie the whole time. It's awesome, and absolutely hilarious.

They have movies, but also stuff like this, which is a commercial on how to be "neat and clean" clearly made sometime in the 50's. :) The characters are silhoutted in front of the screen and they make fun of the movie as it's playing. It's SO hilarious.

Mystery Science Theatre - "Keeping clean and neat"

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