Monday, November 12, 2007

ILM Celebration '07 Party

Thursday night was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt and I went to the ILM Celebration '07 Party which was held at this really nice club/bar downtown. It roooocked. There were some really good chicken skewers, sushi and other food and the drinks were great, we had some cosmos and some nice screwdrivers made with Grey Goose!! It was really good and we had an AWESOME time!!

The 3 floors of the club were very different, the bottom floor was very chill and had some calm relaxing music on softly so you could talk to people there, the 2nd floor was most of the food and drinks, and the top floor was crazy, loud and an insane dance floor with hip hop and dance music, it was awesome!!

Matt and I busted a move with Rachel and Julien (the 2 newer engineers on my team) for a while, and Rachel's husband Justin. Then some major chillin' on the bottom floor with a bunch of the other people from my team, they were really nice and everyone was having a great time. Then Matt and I went up to the 3rd Floor with Rachel, Justin and busted a move somethin' fierce on the dance floor for ages... it was crazy!!!!!!!!! Reaaaaaaaally good party, lots of cool friends from work who I am now getting to know much better and yeah... just generally good times!!!

Matt and Rachel at the bar

Cool decorations

Justin, Rachel and Matt

Me and Rachel

Me and Julien

Me with Matt and Chris Mitchell

Another ridiculous photo of Matt and I

And, crazy times

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