Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Matt's visit photos

On Sunday we chilled out a lot cause Saturday was nuts and we did like a bazillion things. So on Sunday we slept in a lot and then eventually took off downtown. We went to the Ferry Building for bread and cheese and then took the F-line train up to Fisherman's Wharf and went to In-N-Out Burger, something that Matt has wanted to do as long as I have (since it was in The Big Lebowski movie), good stuff. We chilled out there and then saw the Boudin Bread factory, the tourists everywhere, and the sea lions and seagulls at Pier 39.

Then we went to a nice French tea place in the mall which is actually pretty fancy (for being in a mall) and then back home to my area for some chillin', blogging and general chatting and Family Guy/Simpsons/Office/Scrubs watching.

Monday I was at work and I met Matt in the evening and we went for Indian Food near my place and it rocked. Then some chillin' and some coffee by my house before coming back here to get Matt all packed and ready to go.

Tuesday morning we got up and had breakfast and got Matt on his way on the bus to the airport. It was awesome that Matt could come and visit and see my awesome new place and work and everything. Awesome times!!!!!!!!!!!

A hilarious picture of Matt and I from Saturday in Muir Woods... woooooooord!!

At the Ferry Building

Good times

And another random photo

Matt at the Ferry Building with some Roast Beef Sushi

Bay Bridge

Matt at In-N-Out Burger

Matt going crazy on his burger

Funny bread at the Boudin Bakery

A lazy sea lion

Nice sunset


These birds looked like Pelicans or something crazy!!

Nice ships

At the French Cafe before heading back to my apartment

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