Sunday, November 25, 2007

American Thanksgiving at The Barn

We went for American Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night at "The Barn" - Ben's dance studio/house where Matt's ballet real-time shader performance artwork piece was a couple of weeks ago. It was cool to go there, and just totally amazing to hang out with everyone. The food was ridiculously awesome, and it was so nice to have some people to hang out with here. Thanksgiving seems like a much bigger deal here in the USA than it is in Canada, and it's really cool that Matt pretty much organized the entire thing on his own. Orion and I helped with shopping but pretty much Matt rocked it out, got the place sorted, organized the food, cooked the food, etc. It was awesome. And... good times.

The piece de resistance of the evening was this AMMMMMMAAAAAAAAZING Sweet Potato casserole thing that Miriam made, it was so freakin' AWESOME I was trying not to just dive directly into the casserole dish. It was soooooo good, with walnut crumbled awesomness on top and I pretty much went to town on it. She gave me a bunch to take home too (score!!!!)

After dinner we went into this super random and cool lounge room at the back that had black lights in it and large brick-shaped foam pieces in it with ropes hanging from the roof (yes, Matt's friends are artists) :) hehe. It was reaaaaaaaally cool, and we proceeded to have a black-light infused foam brick fight in there for like an hour and a half. Apparently we're all still 5 years old. :) That was super cool and then some dessert too before taking off.

Preparing for dinner

Rockin' the appetizers

Ooooh, fancy!!!!!!!

I am not sure who looks more weird/British - me with Matt's glasses on, or Matt without his glasses on

Mir-yam and her bro Andrew who was visiting

Some more of Ben's friends

Orion looking sharp

Nice one of lots of bustlin' in the kitchen... and Leealex sneaking a taste of the food


Dinner time

Sweet deaaaaaaaaaaals

Me and Ben


Everyone having fun

Trying to get a "pensive" shot

The black-light foam room

Jocelyne with this nice cat that was walking around the house

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Poorlittlelamb said...

That foam room looks awesome. What was it for? An art installation???