Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Almost finished some Fine Arts work

Today I spent a bunch of time getting together some renders for Fine Arts, this is starting to look pretty good and finally I've got a wood texture for the table directly from a photograph I took, and I think it looks much better and I hope my Prof likes it. :)

Here are some of the older images and then descriptions of what I changed to make it look better. I fixed some finer details like the Pop Can had too much specular highlight, and the depth-of-field was way too much in some of the old images. I think I am getting much closer now with these and hopefully I should have some final images soon!!

Old texture on the table

Fixed now with a decent UV mapping

Old image with too much specular highlight on the Pop Can

Fixed and looking better now

Another shot with pop can up close

Same shot with different depth-of-field

Main table image, with new wood UV mapping

Up close and personal, focused on the bigger glass

Focus on the front glass

Focus on the Pop Can

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