Sunday, June 25, 2006

Raytracer rendering Polygonal Meshes

Today I got meshes working in my Raytracer!!

I am using the same intersection code for n-sided polygons as I am for triangles at the moment, but Matt suggested I should change this for my Project since it is important that my triangle intersection code is really efficient and doesn't use the same method as the n-sided polygons since that one is a bit slow.

Anyway I am pretty happy with how it looks now, and it is definitely coming along now, yeeah I can render meshes!! I reaaaaaaaally need bounding boxes now, hehe I better write that soon and then try to render some cool .OBJ files.

What it looked like before I made sure intersections where on the right plane, haha this is nuts

Looks good but weird shadow ray problems

Getting closer now

Meshes working!!

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