Monday, June 19, 2006

Busy Midterm times

Hey everyone,

Things are super busy lately, after getting back from Toronto I saw off my friend Angie who is heading to New Zealand for a year. It's sad to see her off but I am sure she is going to have a really amazing time on her trip, and it's really a great time for her to be taking time to travel. So that's great!

Otherwise I have been studying an insane amount. I have some big Midterms coming up and I had an easy one tonight (History) which was no worries. There is lots going on and as well as studying a ton (like 12 hours yesterday just for Graphics!!), I also started my Raytracer and was having a bit of a fret about that. I am sure it'll be fine, but it's hard to put in lots of time for that while Midterms are going on. We also have to specify our Final Project for Graphics, so I need to come up with a bunch of Objectives that I am going to do in my Extended Raytracer before I've written my first Raytracer!! Crazy, but my Professor is really awesome and said I should come talk to him during his office hours and we'll talk about some of the details and he can let me know if my list sounds too hard or if it sounds manageable in the time we will have to do this.

My sister is doing her Grad Defense tomorrow which is amazing, so she will be a Masters Graduate very soon!! Cool eh!!

So yes, things are very busy and I've had a couple of kinda stressful days, but I am working through it and I think things should work out pretty well as they always do. :)

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