Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chillin' with some graduated homeys

Tonight was cool, I finally did my Canadian taxes and unfortunately it looks like I won't be getting back any of the taxes that I paid in the USA but oh well, not a big deal, it wasn't too much so it's all good.

Then I went out to a bar with some friends who had just graduated today. They were all really excited and said they couldn't really believe they were done, that's awesome.

So yeah awesome times, but also sad times as my friend Angie is going to New Zealand for a year and it is going to be sad that she is going to be away for so long. I think it's going to be really nuts to graduate as everyone is going to move to a different city and stuff and it'll be really sad to move on from all the nice people I've met here. Well thank goodness I've still got a little while yet before I have to get sad about that stuff. :)

Good times tonight and we are having a surprise party for Angie tomorrow, hehe but she said tonight that several people have already given it away so it's not really a surprise anymore. Hehe should be awesome though, and going to hang with some awesome Dons and Don-related homeys tomorrow night, they are always a fun bunch.

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