Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Toronto is awesome

Having a great time in Toronto, I went to the Eaton Centre today and got a nice shirt from RW & Co., good times. I have been working full-tilt for the last 2 weeks so it was nice to take a good solid break. Now I'm hangin' with Alex for a bit, I went to Alias yesterday to hang out with some old friends too. There is a new Autodesk sign up where the Alias sign used to be, and where the Alias|Wavefront sign used to be before that. :)

I brought my computer with me so I am going to do some Fine Arts this afternoon before meeting up with my buddy Kristjan who is driving us back to Waterloo.

I was going to borrow Alex's Wacom Tablet but it's a serial or PS/2 port, not a USB, and I actually don't have a serial OR a PS/2 port on my new laptop. Crazy!! So I guess I am going to just have to buy one, probably a good excuse to get one anyway. :)

Dave Matthews was freakin' awesome last night, check out the set list that I posted in my post last night. My favourites were probably Bartender cause it was like 20 min long and awesome, and the new song that they debuted last night, which is called Break Away, it rocccccccccckked!! Also Dave Matthews played a song on his own at the end called Sister and it is so amazing and heartfelt and fantastic. Best musician... ever!!!!!!!!!!! So as usual the Dave Matthews Band continues to rock so very, very fierce.

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