Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Got Hierarchical Raytracing working... well sortof

Hey all,

Looks like I sortof have hierarchical modeling working, which is great!! That means I am essentially done this Raytracer Assignment and it's due next Tuesday so I am running way ahead of schedule - this is great cause at any given moment there are a good 20 things I could be doing. :) Anyway good times, Hierarchical Raytracing (where you just create a object, and then can apply Affine Transformations to it) seems to be working nicely. It also looks like Instancing is working, so if you have a diamond-shaped DAG, this is handled correctly and the objects are copied. I am having a problem with materials though and I am not sure what's going on, so I'll have to ask Matt for some advice when he gets back. Looks like my scene is a lot darker than the example scene, so that's no good. Also my shadows appear to be much darker than the sample scene, so I am not sure if there is some sort of problem with those.

Otherwise this seems to be working pretty well and when I get this stuff figured out I'll be pretty much done. I am going to add Reflections right now.

Oh yeah also I finished my Midterms today!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is totally awesome and I am really glad cause Midterm time is crazy. Now just going to do lots of work for the Extended Raytracer project. Awesome.

Initial Hierarchical Test with transformations wrong

Hierarchical mainly working

Cow scene with cows made out of spheres

Cow scene with cows made out of cow mesh objects

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