Thursday, June 01, 2006

Final Images for Fine Arts, Round 1

Tonight I finished the 5 images for my still-life 3D project that I am going to show my Fine Arts Prof tomorrow. I made a "Jutan Cola" logo for the pop can in Photoshop and then layered it on top of a Mental Ray metal shader, and I think it looks a lot better now. I also figured out how to add Depth-Of-Field to my camera parameters, and I played around with the camera type and lens size. I am quite happy with the final images (see below after the few test images), and after I make any modifications that my Prof requests tomorrow, I'll post the final images before I print them onto Photo paper.

"Jutan Cola" logo attached as a Layered Shader with Mental Ray blue metal shader

Test with new Pop Can logo

Fixed background, fixed carpet floor

Final image #1 with Depth-of-Field, Caustics added

Final image #2

Final image #3

Final image #4

Final image #5

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