Friday, June 23, 2006

Raytracer shadows and lighting working

Hey all,

I am in the Graphics Lab at school and this is going really well. I got attenuation working (see images below) and it looks totally sweet!! Also I managed to get shadows working too. The shadows look cool but have "jaggies" on the edges, this is due to sudden changes in intensity and can be fixed with Antialiasing which is something I am eventually going to add to my Raytracer. This ROCKS.

Incorrect lighting vector, but it looks cool!

Correct lighting calculation

Lighting with single parameter attenuation

Lighting with single value and squared attenuation


Shadows with cube, fixed surface normals on cube

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Facetious said...

I remember those! :D

Lookin' good, man! :)

For more fun with the cone, the cube, and the spheres, you may wanna take a look at the contents of this directory:

And yes, the two videos are done with camera effects. :)