Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why Waterloo CS is awesome, but totally nuts

Well friends, another typical crazy day as most Waterloo Computer Science students tend to have around this time of year.

I have another Midterm next week that I'd better study for.

But more importantly, I spent all day researching in the library for my Graphics Final Project Proposal. I have only been writing the Raytracer for a few days, and this is the first Raytracer I've ever written. That said, I spent all day reading Matt Pharr's "Physically Based Rendering" and about 4 other Siggraph papers, the course textbook and course notes and so on... to figure out some uber-crazy objectives for my Final Project. Now if you thought that Waterloo was super awesomely intense for getting us to write a Raytracer as part of the Introduction to Computer Graphics class... and to write it during Midterms... with 3 weeks total for the assignment... while preparing and researching for the Graphics Final Project... you might think it was a pretty intense pace of work, right? Well friends it gets even crazier, I thought we had 3 weeks for the Final Project. Turns out we only have 2.5 weeks. Oy gevault. :)

Anyway, I LOVE this term!!!!!!!!!!!! While Graphics is super intensely fast-paced, and should really be 2 courses, it ROCKS. I love it, my Prof is amazing, the homework is amazing, and everything I am learning is just so important and excellent. I love it. And somehow, I'll get all of this work done!! I have it "easy" - I am taking 5 classes right now, but Graphics is my only hard CS programming class at the moment. I know other people who are in the same term as me but are ALSO taking Distributed Systems or Networking or another hard 4th year CS class. So I actually really have it easy compared to some people around here.

I have another week or so to change some of these objectives for my project if I read them some more and they sound too hard. I am a bit worried about Uniform Spatial Subdivisions, not because it is particularly impossible, but because if I am going to do it, I kinda need to code it in like 1 or 2 days, and have it fully debugged and working so I can continue onto other objectives.

Hehe so yes, Waterloo CS is super insanely awesome, but man... it's nuts. :)

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