Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Waiting for class

It's about 9:45am and I'm in one of the computer labs at school waiting for my Pure Math class to start. I came to school pretty early today to chat with my Graphics Professor about my ideas for my final Project. He was really awesomely helpful so that was great, and he has an excellent idea about how long some of the objectives should take me which is great because I really have no idea how much time I should need for all of these things. Looks like we narrowed down the list a bit, and he replaced some of the things that were all sort of one objective (modeling in Maya, OBJ importing and the Final Scene) with some things that are not too complicated like Translucent materials and perhaps Glossy Reflections if I have time. Those don't sound super complicated so that should work out better I think. He told me that I can replace the Spatial Subdivision objective with something easier if I don't think I'll have time for it, so that's pretty good too. Should be an exciting project to do and I should learn a lot of stuff so I think it'll be really good once I am done all of this work.

Anyway it's getting closer to class so I better get headed over there soon.

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