Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My first Raytraced images!!!!

Well friends, I have now officially created my first Raytraced images ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeaahh!!!

I got my Raytracer going today and got the rays casting correctly and then wrote code for Sphere intersections and Cube intersections. Pretty sweet eh!! So after lots more work I will have something that has specular surfaces, with shadows and a much more 3D look. But this is pretty exciting already... man this rocks!!

Matt and Matt said I might need to fix my Camera coordinates, I think I was doing something wrong there so Matt explained it and I think I get it now so when I am done some more Fine Arts I'll get back to this and try to fix it. Awesome!!

Tracing the light rays from the wrong origin

Again, totally wrong!!

Wahoo!! Spheres!!!!

More zoomed in

This is sortof right, I still need to sort out the camera position

Wahoo!! Cubes!!!

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