Thursday, June 29, 2006

Raytracer test scene done

Tonight I finished up a couple cool things related to my Raytracer, and made some cool reflection images and also did the documentation and stuff.

I also created a scene in Maya, tessellated it and exported it as an OBJ file, and then imported it into my Raytracer!!!!!!! Sweet!! So this is *my* Maya table that I made for Fine Arts, and my beer glass!! Sweet!!

Of course it doesn't look super Maya-style and amazing yet as I need to implement refraction, Fresnel refraction, glossy reflections, vertex normal interpolation, texture mapping and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, but hopefully after all that it should look really amazing. I am pretty happy with this as a start though, pretty sweet that the models can be all placed in Maya and stuff and then imported into my Raytracer... pretty nuts if you ask me!!! Good times!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here are some of the final images for my Raytracer Assignment.

Non-hierarchical modeling with reflection

Hierarchical "cow" spheres with reflection

Cow mesh objects with reflection

My sample scene, demonstrating hierarchical modeling, mesh importing, reflection and point light shadows, sweeeeet!!

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