Sunday, June 04, 2006

Been reading Josh Braff's book, and it ROCKS

Yes, Mike Jutan is actually making time to read a book for fun at University!!!! I usually have so much work to do that this isn't really possible, but this term I have a much nicer balance than usual. It's going really well and I am finding that I actually have some time for the stuff I never have time for... hehe if that makes sense. Either way, I am reading Josh Braff's new book called "The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green" and it is AMAZING. I will post some thoughts about it when I'm actually done it, but wow it sure is fantastically well written. You get so drawn into the book and it's characters that time just flies by and you can read like 50 pages without blinking an eye. (Well not literally, that's probably not good for your, uh, "ocular" fluids or something) Haha "ocular", I like that word. :)

Well I thought I'd give this book some props since it is really excellent and at the moment it really feels like it's about an extreme version of any Jewish family - like a super extreme version. I can relate to some parts very closely (the character Asher in the story got a present for his Bar Mitzvah that is exactly like a present I got for mine, haha it was hilarious, that must be the standard present I suppose) but some parts are just totally wild, and as you are reading it you feel really sorry for the kids and are pretty thankful that your family isn't that nuts. :)

Hehe well anyway it's great and I definitely recommend it after reading the first 3 or 4 chapters. Good times!

Now back to the world of Programming. I gotta get some more of my Graphics done today. Now I am learning how to tessellate a sphere! This is essentially the process of breaking down the 3D Spherical equation into pieces of triangles (or rectangles, in this case here), so that it can be drawn using "primitives" in OpenGL, the language I am using. Well, back to work!

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