Friday, June 02, 2006

Graphics, You @ Waterloo Day, Fine Arts

Lots of stuff going on lately. This afternoon and early evening I was reaaaallly lazy, since I've been working really hard over the past few days, hehe I couldn't get myself to start working on my next assignments. So that was not awesome since I wanted to get started but I just wasn't in the mood. Instead of totally wasting time, instead I watched Simpsons, ate dinner early and then did my laundry and cleaned my room!! Then I installed Skype on Linux and it seems to work well. Hehe I'm nuts - I love that I think I am being lazy if I don't come right home and start my assignments. :) Well either way, I'm glad I finally got something done tonight!!

My roommates downloaded and installed the new Ubuntu Linux yesterday (it's called "Dapper Drake" haha. Even funnier is that the version I have now is called "Breezy Badger"?!?! Random eh!!) :) Hehe gotta love Linux and it's awesomeness. Anyway Matt and Matt seem to like it and we found a bug which was funny, there was a "b" and "/b" tag around a menu tab title in a window. That's funny as those commands are used to bold and unbold text in HTML, so it must have been some sort of error that made the title display incorrectly. Or maybe the programmer got their languages confused and wrote "b" and "/b" around the tab text in an attempt to bold it, but they were writing it in some GUI language and not in HTML so it totally didn't work. Either way, that's hilarious.

Ok let's see what else is up. I met with my Fine Arts Prof today and he gave me some really good advice for my Fine Arts work that I have posted recently. He hates the tabletop, so I am going to change it. The "Jutan Cola" logo doesn't work in a few of those images that I posted, and we discussed why it doesn't work and what I should do about it. I think I am going to scan or find an image of a Sprite logo or something to that effect and use that instead as it'll look more professional and more "real" which is what I am going for.

So after all the room cleaning and Simpsons watching, I started my next Graphics Assignment. It is a puppet in OpenGL with selectable joints which you can perform rotations on and that sort of thing. It should be really cool and fun to do, and there is going to be a lot of setup and stuff before I can design the actual character though. We have pretty limited capabilities as we are creating the objects using LUA and a C++ interpreter for LUA, which is a scripting language. So after reading through some code and stuff I then went to the LUA documentation page and read that for a while to get a feel for the language. It seems a fair bit like Python, what with the total lack of curly braces and brackets around the if statements. Should be sweet. I am not sure exactly what I have decided to do for my character yet but I will post it as I am working on it!!

I might need to buy a Wacom Tablet finally. I have been looking for an excuse for a while, and now my Fine Arts Prof has given me some assignments to do in Photoshop, contour painting and stuff like that. I think it'll be a lot easier with a Wacom Tablet instead of a mouse, plus this gives me a good excuse to finally buy one of these things. :)

Tomorrow I am volunteering at the You @ Waterloo Day, it should be pretty fun and hopefully the weather is decent. I am going to probably walk kids and their parents around, these will be prospective Waterloo students who have already received their offers and are trying to decide if they want to come here for sure. It will be fun to meet these kids and let them know about my experiences here at Waterloo, good times. I will tell them to go into Co-op for sure if they have the choice cause man, Co-op rocks!!!!! :)

Well I guess that's about it. Lots of stuff going on but should be an exciting weekend. Cars premieres next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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