Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rendering random OBJ files

Hehe so yes instead of studying I have spent all day and night on my Raytracer again, this is sweet. Matt and Matt watched Pulp Fiction so I hung out for a bit and watched some of it, and then went back to working on my Raytracer. This is really cool, it looks like I can render arbitrary meshes now!!

I tried taking some flowers from Maya Paint Effects, converting them to Polys, exporting as an OBJ file and then rendering, and it didn't work out super well because the normals are not good for my Raytracer as Matt said it's not a closed object, so that might not work out well. But I found some OBJ's online and managed to render a cool distorted garbage can!! Check it out, this is really cool! It even has the correct Phong shading. :) Sweeeeeet.

Sweet rendering of a mesh in my Raytracer!!

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