Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dave Matthews Band in Toronto

Hi friends,

I'm rockin' out in Toronto for a few days and it is totally sweet!!
I am using Alex's super special keyboard to type this so it's realty hard and taking a while!! Haha this is nuts.

Anyway, tonight I went to my 6th or 7th Dave Matthews concert and as expected, it was totally awesome!! Here is the set list from tonight!!

Tuesday Jun 13 2006
Ontario Place - Molson Amphitheatre

Grey Street *
Pig *
Crash Into Me
Louisiana Bayou *
What Would You Say
Big Eyed Fish *
Bartender *
So Much To Say *
Too Much *
The Idea Of You [New Song] *
Everyday *
Break Free [Live Debut] *
Hunger For The Great Light *
Dreaming Tree *
Tripping Billies *

Sister [Dave Solo]
Dancing Nancies *
Stay *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross on Trumpet
It was really amazing and they played a brand new song called Break Free that they have never played live before, crazy, eh?! Matisyahu opened and 3/4 of the crowd were Jewish so that was totally sweet too.

Well it's late and I have a serious day of shopping and eating for tomorrow so I better get to sleep! Cheers!!

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