Monday, January 14, 2008

Afri-Can Oil Can Electric Guitar

Ok now I have even more incentive to save my money for my trip to South Africa...

I just remembered that way back in 1st year there was a guy in our residence who had this SUPER cool guitar called an "Afri-Can" Guitar, made in Cape Town, South Africa. It's made out of an Oil Can!! Amazing. The sound was pretty similar to a regular electric guitar, maybe a little "clangier" but definitely still a nice clean sound, and the instrument is pretty cool and super unique.

Where and how did the guitar originate?

Afri-can Guitars is the brain child of Graeme Wells, an engineer residing in Cape-Town, South-Africa.

Graeme became aware that there was a need for an environmentally friendly guitar using predominantly re-cycled products and keeping the use of wood to a minimum.

The idea of using a 5 litre oil can is not new as it has been used since the introduction of the oil can back in the early 1900's. Graeme took it to the next level though with the development of an aluminium neck and noiseless pick-ups.

The instrument now has a unique sound of it's own and is carving a place for itself on the world stage.

Check out these pictures!! Haha so cool. Looks like the company is now called "Township Guitars", and they start at about $400 which isn't bad. Haha, I love it.

Lots of different designs, some with the South African flag as the design

Haha, Castrol Oil can

Standard pickups

Someone rockin' out

This is cool, a more traditional African art design

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