Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years 2008 in Toronto

New Years was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started with a sweet shopping adventure in the Eaton Centre with none other than the glorious and legendary Angie Potts and Kate Smith. They were awesome and it was ridiculous how great it was to see them. They are both doing sooooo well, and are really happy, and have lots of interesting and exciting plans for their lives in the future. It was just freakin' awesome to see them and to be reminded that the world should have more people like Angie and Kate. :)

Anyway it was freakin' fantastic, and we had some food and then met Tim and took off to get ready for New Years. We chilled at Tim's and then Ans showed up and we headed to Bizz Varty's party!! Super crazy to see Bizz since it had been quite some time... but even crazier was that Edain Noble was there, it was nuts!! We didn't really even know each other THAT well, but I haven't seen her since Curt Beleutz, Edain and I washed our dirty feet in my bathtub after a long weekend of May 24 camping about 10 years ago. So soooo crazy!!! Anyway that was a blast from the past and it was fun to hang out. Didn't know many other people there, but we chatted to everyone a bit and then took off back downtown.

We (Me, Ans, Tim, Tania and Alex) just made it in time to meet up with Angie, Paul, Kate, Maggie and Maggie's boyfriend to rush rush rush to Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) in Toronto for the New Years Countdown and Fireworks!! It was soooooooo great, just a light amount of snow, and the fireworks were great and it was so nice to be there with some of the people who have been really important to me throughout high school and university. Pretty freakin' awesome. And the light snowfall just made it perfect. Then back to Tim's for some relaxing and some champagne. What a great New Years.

Me and Angie!!!!!!!!!

Haha, what a bad ass group! Me, Angie, Kate and Alex at the Eaton Centre

Me with Angie and Kate at the bling bling tree in the Eaton Centre

Alex and I representin' the Swarovski Crystal Tree

Ha ha, "Baconator" (no, I didn't buy it) :)

The view from Tim's place

Me and Edain

Just in case it rains

Ans and Tim, the gangsters

Ans and I workin' it

Some sort of Matrix-style slow motion move with Bizz

Heading towards City Hall for New Years!!!!!!!!


This dude in some crazy wolf costume


Kate, Paul and Angie!!

Alex, Tim et Moi

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Nathan Phillips square and City Hall in Toronto


Haha, on the way back to Tim's place

Haha what a crazy photo

Cool silhouette photo of Ans and I at Tim's apartment

Nash and I bustin' a move


The crazy line up at Pizza Pizza!!

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Poorlittlelamb said...

Your sweatshirt makes me think of a scrabble board. I like it.

Did you see Grand:pm play at Nathan Phillips Square? They're friends of my friends from Uxbridge. It's pretty sweet that they were a part of if.