Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The great Jutan apartment clean-up, round 1

Tonight was really awesome for sorting out stuff in my apartment. Sweeeeeeeeet. I've been needing to do this for soooooooo long.

I started by taking my Mom's good advice and not spending 6 hours on the computer tonight as usual. I seem to be so excited about all this free time now that I've been done University for a while... and I am spending like ALL evening on the computer after spending ALL day on the computer too!! Crazy. So I need some more balance. I am so excited about all the news there is to read, watching Barack Obama speeches, emailing people, blogging, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing, and yadda yadda yadda. Way tooooo much of that stuff. It's really fun and awesome and most of the time I am learning and reading and gathering knowledge of the world around me... but a lot of the time I am re-watching a Simpsons episode I've seen 5 times since the writer's strike is still on and there haven't been any new episodes in a while. Seems like a waste of time?? Yeah, it probably is. Especially with the ton of stuff I need to do in the apartment. So, tonight was different. And I need to do some more of this balance from now until my apartment is in better shape.

I just had a shower, made a nice dinner, made enough food for my lunch tomorrow, took out the garbage and the recycling, shaved, finally put the draino in the bathtub, cleaned up my table from Chanukkah, ate dinner... and that was just in the first hour!!! Then... washed the dishes, put away the dry dishes, cleaned the counter and the stove, unpacked my 2 backpacks (including 1 which was still packed from Canada), sorted out the pile of mail on my desk and my couch and in my mail holder, recycled a whole bunch of ads and papers and Macy's coupons that I can't use anymore and too many JCC booklets and flyers and so on. So that's been a long time coming. Then I put new water in my Bamboo plant vase and cleaned my super cool new fancy cheese plate and spreaders that I got at Macy's and put them out nicely on my kitchen table.

Then it was time for more major stuff. I moved my bulletin board finally to near my desk, since I moved my desk a few months ago. I took down my 2007 calendar finally, and decided to take my new Simpsons 2008 calendar to work. I moved my Spiderwick poster so that I could put up my new Indiana Jones poster (yes, I know, awesssssssssome) in a nice place on the wall. Then I located all of my tickets for upcoming JCC events and posted them up. Then I unpacked my suitcase from Canada and put away all the clothes, the presents, the Henkels knife I got as a present, and all my other stuff I brought back here. Then packed away the suitcase and sorted out my closet a bit. Sweet.

So that is pretty awesome, I really did a lot of stuff tonight. And all of this in only 4 hours. Pretty awesome. I still have time now for some internet, but not hours and hours of it, just enough to do what I really want to do and not waste the entire evening on it.

Tomorrow night I've got a movie screening at work but I am still going to do some work here when I get back. I'd like to organize my shelf and photo albums so I have a good spot to put a bunch of other stuff I am going to sort out soon. Good times.

Here are some pictures of my recently sorted out apartment.

Cheese plate and table

Stuff organized on couch

Desk and desk area sorted out

Oooh new poster!!!!

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