Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Japanese Tea Garden, Jer off to Australia

The past few days and last weekend my old roommate Jeremy was visiting, he came from good 'ol Stratford, Ontario, and he's on his way to live in Newcastle, Australia for a year (at least). Pretty cool!!!!! So we had a great time here, and partied hard on the weekend, watched lots of movies, good times. But I think we partied a bit too hard, too many late nights, and I think that added to me getting sick this week. Also my clothes were all damp all day Friday from the bike ride to work in the rain, and I'm sure sitting with damp clothes is no good. Oh, and I did kiss that handrail on that dirty city bus... (haha, just kidding?!?!?) Anyway, whether it was cold feet (literally), or whatevskis, I got a cold. Boo. I was sick as a dog yesterday, coughing and spluttering and alternating between a cold sweat and a hot sweat. Good times! Oh wait, no, it sucked. :) I missed a couple days of work, but hopefully I'll be fine to go back in tomorrow. Today I stayed inside for most of the day too, but got a bit of outside time by wandering in Golden Gate Park with Jer, and we went to the Japanese Tea Garden and drank a good 2 teapots of Green Tea, so hopefully that will also help my cold.

Jer and his siiiick new laptop with an HD-DVD player??!!!

Jer outside the deYoung museum

Chillin' outside the deYoung museum

Japanese Tea Garden

Jer on the round bridge

Jer after making it to the top of the round bridge

Sweet Japanese Tea Garden awesomeness

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Dr.Gray said...

I really like this Japanese tea garden. But I do think it needs to be cared for a little better and maybe a little less foot traffic.