Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Hampshire debates

I watched the New Hampshire democrat debates tonight and it was really interesting. Hillary Clinton got really worked up because Obama and Edwards were agreeing on some issues and she took that as them ganging up on her. To me it implied that she couldn't really handle this kind of pressure as well as Obama, since Obama had a lot of attacks tonight and seemed to do an excellent job of maintaining his composure throughout the debate. They all looked pretty worn out from all the running around they are obviously doing at the debates, but it was interesting anyway to hear from all of them. Edwards got really fired up and had some really interesting and passionate things to say, and this was really solid too. Still though, I think Obama is just so so so so good, polite, serious about the job, focused, clear and concise... he's really, really good. And he seems to do a much better job of "just answering the question" without dancing around every topic all the time like other politicians seem to do. Very good.

I tell ya, if I could vote in the US this election... it would be for Obama, most definitely.

What a positive attitude he has, and this is something that America really needs at this point. He's right - there is this attitude of cynicism about Washington, like "it's so broken, so don't even try to fix it", and he is really trying to change people's minds and turn the whole place around. He seems so revolutionary and I love how people keep comparing him to JFK and calling him an "inspiration" - I certainly have never felt quite this strongly about a specific election or candidate before. I am sure there will be a large young crowd voting this time. Exciting stuff!!

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