Monday, January 07, 2008

Back in San Francisco

Man what a long day. It's now 12:57am PST, that's 3:57am EST. Crazy. I just got home and made a snack and I am sooooo tired. I gotta to bed... but first, some bloggin'.

Today was sweet/tiring but awesome. I got on the airport transfer bus and went to the USA to get on a flight from there. This was fine and the coolest part is that the dude sitting behind me on the bus goes to FIEA, the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, part of UCF in Orlando, Florida. Check it out at

This was really awesome to chat to him and he's the only Canadian down there and is working on becoming a project manager. Very interesting to hear the details of his school. It essentially sounds like a training ground that is partially run by EA's Tiburon Studio in association with the University of Central Florida. Pretty awesome idea, and pretty awesome that EA basically created a training ground for new employees to learn. It sounded really cool and hands-on, and they essentially just all get together, organize themselves, and make a game! So crazy. I am pretty convinced that it's a good idea for these guys just to throw themselves into the deep end and learn the process of making a video game as they are actually making a video game. Very good, hand-on approach it sounds like, and the dude I met seemed pretty psyched about the whole thing. Pretty awesome.

No worries getting to the airport and then to Chicago Midway. When I got to Chicago Midway it turns out that my connecting flight to San Francisco (supposed to be 1 hr 30 min later) is now delayed from 7:15pm to 9:00pm. D'oh. There have been some massive storms over the past weekend in San Francisco and so I asked the lady at the desk if any flights have been leaving for San Francisco. The previous one to leave was 1:30pm, that's it. D'oh. So I go for some pizza and relax and plan to go to the flight area and open my laptop and watch a movie while I wait for the plane. I figure it's probably going to be canceled and I'll spend the night getting closely acquainted with the floor of Terminal B in the Chicago Airport. Was not too excited about sleeping in the airport, but whatcha gonna do. Anyway, it all worked out and I am home in San Francisco already.

As I am walking back from getting food, I notice the screen says that the delay is now only until 8:35pm, not 9:00pm?!?!?! Ok, interesting, probably a good sign. By the time I get back to the flight area (after ordering a McD's Sweet Tea - a southern Iced Tea from McDonald's), the departure info now says "On Time", what's up with that?!! Turns out they eventually announced that the "delay had been lifted" on the plane!!!!!!!! Crazy. So that was a surprise, and it was already 6:45pm so it was normal boarding time anyway! We all got on the plane, then it stayed there for about another hour. And then we took off back to San Francisco!! Pretty sweet. Anyway, it is a bit rainy here but seems totally fine. Maybe there were lots of storms this afternoon and that's why the planes weren't going to San Francisco. Good times!!

Southwest didn't have TVs so on the way home I read some more of my book and then talked to some nice people on the place, the girl beside me had just been to a Jewish wedding in Baltimore which is really cool and there was a nice man there who is a writer and is friends with the author Nick Hornby which was really cool!!!!! They were nice and it was great to talk to everyone on the way back to San Francisco.

Now I am here, the apartment is just as I left it, and it's way too late and I am going to bed right now!!!!!!!!!!

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