Monday, January 07, 2008

Yeah, I bought the Marc Ecko Star Wars Hoodie

Oh man. Yeah, I bought it.

So I've been searching long and hard for this beautifully amazing ultra-hip, totally legendary, absolutely awesome hip hop Star Wars hoodie. As I mentioned in earlier posts, fashion designer Marc Ecko recently scored the rights to make some Star Wars style clothing, but in his crazy "urban wear" style. And this really couldn't be more amazing.

Anyway since it's 1) Marc Ecko (remember how obsessed I was with this stuff in high school) and 2) Star Wars (I love my job), it was pretty high on my list to try to find this. These are going for a fortune on Ebay, and the Marc Ecko Boba Fett Hoodie (MSRP was $98) was selling on Ebay for something ridiculous like $550. Ouch. So I've been searching high and low to try to find the Hoth hoodie at regular retail price, and I tripped right over a store right here near me, in Sunnyvale, California. They just so happened to have a S, L and XL of the Marc Ecko Star Wars Hoth Hoodie in stock. Oh man.

So yes, it was a fortune. And yes, it is totally unnecessary. And yes, I am still paying off the rest of my Europe trip. And yes, I'm saving up to go to South Africa this summer.

But, Marc Ecko and Star Wars? This is the only chance for it. And it's sort of like my "work uniform", right? :)

Anyway, here's some pics so I can justify my extravagant/awesome purchase.



Soooo cooool


Don't you wish you bought it now?!

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