Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Visit to Waterloo

I had a quick visit to Waterloo between my chillin' in London and taking off to Toronto for New Years. It was super awesome to see Norm's crazy cats and also just get a chance to walk around Campus and go to Bubble Tea and so on and visit with some friends.

Saturday I went to Bubble Tea and hung out with Jocelyne and then off to HMV to see Rachel for like 5 minutes!! That was really awesome and they were both excited and how nice that I could see them and catch up on their lives for at least a moment.

Then off to our family friends Grace and Harry's house, where Grace made us absolutely amazing food as always, and had presents and food and snacks for us. So awesome!! It was great to see Grace and Harry, and they had lots of interesting stories as usual!! We even got to see the famed Stephen Logan!!

Then I took off to have a short visit with Kristen too. It's been ages since I've seen her, and it was good to catch up and hear what she has been up to (she's been teaching English in Korea for a year). Her sister Andrea and her husband Kevin were always super awesome, and it was exciting to hear that baby #2 is on the way for them!! Mazel Tov Andrea and Kevin!!

We had Bagels the next day and headed to Bubble Tea again for lunch and more chillin' with the Bubble Tea homeys, Jocelyne and Heather were there, and I ran into Colleen from VOC which was unexpected too. Good stuff!!!!!!

Then off to Toronto. So here's some photos from Waterloo.

Man, Canada is freezing

One of the many RIM buildings around campus. RIM invented (and still produces) the BlackBerry phone.

Jocelyne making me my favourite Bubble Tea

Campus Pizza!!!!!!!!!

Grace and Harry's tree

Dinner with Grace and Harry and my family

Grace and Harry's cat, Pitou

Out in Waterloo with Kristen

Yeeah Waterloo!!!

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