Thursday, January 17, 2008

Work is awesome, Waterloo Account, Cereal is working

Lots of stuff going on today. Work was aaaaaaamaaaaaaaaazing, as usual. I looooved it. So turns out that our project is in pretty high demand, and a lot of people are asking for it, so that is just soooo cool. It is going to be amazing to have worked on something that benefits so many people!! Good times. Can't wait to hear what people think once they start using it, this is super amazing.

Got some major stuff done at work today, this has been a super productive week. So that rocks. Also getting to chill with Mattabet Parrott a bunch at work, and he is a legend, so that is good. So, as expected, work is amazing.

I got an email yesterday saying, "Guess what! We're closing your University of Waterloo computer account and email address!" Whaaat?! Haha, yeah I guess I should have seen that coming. I'm kindof surprised that they wait almost a year after you graduate to close your account. Anyway, it's cool but I am doing a huge download of files from my Waterloo account to my computer here to make sure I have all my old programming projects and stuff. I guess I can sign up for a lifetime Waterloo Alumni email address, I guess I should probably sign up for that.

So since Waterloo is closing down my account, I assume that means my Waterloo website will disappear. So I've saved everything on there, and wanted to make sure I didn't lose the Java Applet of our Euchre Game that we programmed in 2nd year!! So I've posted it here, check it out!

The cereal seems to be working nicely already. I had some cereal as a snack at about 4:30pm today and it worked out well. I left work at 6:30 and then took the bus, had a small snack and then went grocery shopping with my bus transfer!! This worked out really well since I could buy more and just take it back on the bus, and I wasn't super hungry since I'd had a snack in the afternoon. So that was awesome.

Frank's wife Jessica and her friend Christy are coming to ILM tomorrow, Jess has an interview for a Render TD position so best of luck to her for her interview. I'll be meeting up with them afterwards to have lunch and chill for a bit which will be awesome.

The weekend "plans" are pretty much not planned yet, which is perfect. I wanted to just chill again for most of the time this weekend. No doubt I will end up doing some stuff, but I am totally psyched to just relax and get some major housework done!! I should go to Macy's soon too and buy my duvet, I am just waiting for the 20% off coupons to come again in the mail.

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