Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seeing some old friends

So my first attempt at a weekend of solitude and doing stuff by myself, relaxing, not rushing around... is going ok. Still turns out there is a lot of cool stuff going on that I want to be a part of and don't want to miss out on. So I think tomorrow I am going to stay at home all day and do nothing but clean my apartment, do some laundry, and unpack some stuff and do some general housework. I feel like I need to do a lot of that lately, so I really want to put in the effort and give my house a little more love. If the weather's nice tomorrow I'll take a little walk and have a coffee at this coffee place down the road I haven't been to yet (but keep walking by and thinking, "Hey I should go there for a coffee some time!!") Should be awesome.

Friday night I went downtown and met up with my old Pixar buddies, Jake and Amanda, Kev, Jon, Angelique, and John's brother Kit and his friend Matt. We got some Nan King (of course), chatted a bunch, talked about a whole bunch of cool stuff, Angelique picked me up the new Pixar Ratatouille Hawaiian Shirt at the Pixar Christmas Sale a few weeks ago, and the car "Fred" which I didn't have yet. Jake hooked me up with an awesome Kori Turbowitz car which I've been trying to get for ages too. Sweet.

Today I went to the market, chilled out a bit, it was a bit crowded there but I got some chill time at the water after getting my coffee at Blue Bottle and a nice blackberry tart which was still warm. Then met up with the Waterloo Google boys who I haven't seen in ages, we got a bagel, chilled out, went to some random places for shopping, and ended up going to see the movie "There Will Be Blood" downtown and then to Gordon Biersch. It was fun, and the movie was a bit crazy, bit still well done. See the "There Will Be Blood" review that I posted earlier. Good stuff.

So it was a great couple of evenings but tomorrow I think I am going to just stay around here and get some stuff done in the apartment. I could probably go grocery shopping, but maybe I'll just leave that until next weekend instead.

Another glorious Brooks Jutan photo

J-Kiz and A-Griz

Kev and I

Oh, Blue Bottle Coffee, how awesome you are

Good stuff

Bay Bridge, nice blue skies

Beautiful day today

Good timmmmes

Wall-E cutout at the movie theatre!!!!!!


Matt and Dimitry at this weird car we found with computer parts on it

Fred and Kori Turbowitz cars

Ratatouille Hawaiian Shirt

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