Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chillin', Friends, Apple MacBook Air, Relaxing on the Bay

This weekend has been pretty sweet so far, Friday night I went out with Julien to one of the JCC random bar events, it was pretty fun actually, a fair amount of people there, lots of people to talk to and we met some interesting folks. A couple of the girls we met run a volunteer activity every month where they get people to volunteer to make some food for the homeless, and then some people volunteer to deliver and serve the food as well. So that is really a cool thing, and Julien and I are going to head to that to help out tomorrow for a bit. Should be great.

Today was just a bunch of relaxing, I went downtown to the Ferry Building, got the usual Blue Bottle Coffee and also bought some coffee beans today. I went with the one called "Giant Steps" which sounds pretty good. Then some chillin' on the water, and talked on the phone a bit, but then had some relaxing time afterwards just looking at the water and the city and away from the noise of the market. So that was good/necessary. I'm making a pretty intense effort to re-claim my solitude and when I work so hard all the time and I've always got things going on and people to see after work and stuff to do all the time, sometimes I really just need to calm down and maintain my sanity by sitting on my own and not talking to anyone and not running around in crowds all day. So that was pretty sweet.

I did a little bit of wandering after that, looked at Cars toys at a toy store (I have all of them), and then wanted to see the new Apple Macbook Air laptop but I guess they don't have them at the Apple Store yet, they are still in Pre-Order on the website. Man they look cool. Not sure if I am convinced yet that you can really successfully have a portable laptop without an optical drive... but I guess if you really need to store a movie, it does have an 80Gb drive... and you can always bring an external hard drive... or they want you to buy or rent movies from the iTunes wireless music store. Makes a lot of sense actually. And I guess optical drives are a big waste of space so it's maybe necessary to get rid of it to get this size laptop they have now. Then I went to the Adidas store and found a "ClimaCool" shirt that pulls moisture away from your body... i.e. a much better idea for my bike-commuting shirt every morning to work. Good stuff. Then a quick Bubble Tea and came back this evening just to make some dinner and chill.

Jess and Christy visiting me at work

Julien out in the evening and on the phone

Me at the Ferry Building

Mmm... Blue Bottle Coffee

I got the new Vanity Fair magazine with Indiana Jones

My new Adidas workout shirt

I love the new Adidas slogan, it is soooo awesome

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