Friday, January 04, 2008

More Toronto-y good times

On Jan 1st we took off to the north of Toronto to meet one of Tim's friends from University. We went to her house, it was super nice and everyone was really welcoming and there was lots and lots of good food like bagels and lox. Good stuff!!

There was a lot of snow the night before so the trees on the drive up were really nice.

Then in the evening I chilled with Matt, got some Korean BBQ and had a nice long chat about all the stuff we've been up to, and then saw Matt's new apartment.

Snowy Trees 1

Snowy Trees 2

Snowy Trees 3

Snowy Trees 4

The chocolate that Matt got for Christmas

CN Tower at night


Matt's new aparment


View from Matt's new place

More view from Matt's place

Matt on the balcony

Some Wii video game playing

To all my American friends out there... this is called a "Milk Bag" and is inside of a "Milk Jug" :)

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