Monday, January 21, 2008

Volunteering, Guitars and Crepes

Today I volunteered at Congregation Sherith Israel, the other massively huge and amazingly designed Reform (though apparently more Conservative than Emanu-El) Synagogue in San Francisco. It was pretty fun, though it was too bad I got there kindof late. I went to help out with the monthly Hamotzi event which is making food for a local homeless shelter to feed about 150 people. Pretty fun and I was interested to see what kind of people that type of event would attract. It was fun and I met some new people and saw some familiar faces too. Unfortunately I got there kindof late and they were already done pretty much all the food preparation!! That was too bad, but I rolled up my sleeves and washed absolutely every dish and utensil that was used and I think everyone was happy about that. :)

We chilled a bit afterwards, got to see how huge the Synagogue is and the design was really nice and pretty similar to the big Shul in Florence, Italy. Awesome. Then we all ate some food together.

After that Julien and I took off to go to the Guitar Center, and I played the Taylor 914-CE guitar again, man it sounds good!! Ahh it's amazing, but it's $4000!!! Crazy. I think that is one of the guitars that Dave Matthews plays in concert!! Amazing. I also played a very cheap and very nice sounding 12-string Yamaha Acoustic Guitar, it was really nice, and man I love those cheap Yamaha guitars. It's pretty much an entry-level 12-string, it was only about $400 which was really surprising for the amazing sound. Pretty cool stuff. Obviously not an Acoustic-Electric so you'd have to pay the extra for that I guess.

After that Julien and I got some crepes and continued to talk about our general culture shock now that we are living in America. It was pretty funny to be discussing this (and politics, and other things of importance) over Nutella Banana crepes and an Orangina!! It's like I'm back in France!!!

Anyway, great day today and still didn't spend enough time on my apartment. But I did make my lunch and write a note so I don't forget it this time. And sorted out some other stuff including possibly an even better way to call back to Canada. It's getting late so I better get to bed. Fun day today, and looking forward to making my own Blue Bottle Coffee next weekend.

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