Friday, January 04, 2008

Chillin' in the T-Dot

The last full day in Toronto I hung out with Matt a bunch and got some Tim Hortons coffee (obviously) and then decided to wander up and down Queen St (walked all the way to Spadina and back), then around the Eaton Centre and back to meet Matt at Autodesk for lunch. Managed to meet Alex for lunch too which was awesome. Then back to Alias (I mean Autodesk) to see Matt's desk and talk to some old friends and co-workers from back in the day. Good times!!!! Everyone was really nice as usual and happy to see me which was great, and a good boost to my otherwise low self-esteem (haha, yeah right) :)

I had pretty much no sleep the night before (too much cool stuff happening, then we watched the Futurama movie, and so on) and so I had a much-needed shower and nap at Alex's house which was a good call. In the evening I met up with Angie et al again, Kate, Paul and Alex were there as well as their friend Shay who ended up being a super awesome legend... and BEST FRIENDS with none other than my famous long-lost brother Kristjan Bergey. So yes, I met the famed Kristjan Bergey and his awesome girlfriend Holly and the lot of us went to go see the movie "Juno" which was completely amazing. What an awesome day!!!!

Also, dang it was cold!!! It was sitting around 0 C (32 F) degrees on New Years, but dropped 20 DEGREES overnight?!??!! So yeah it was -11 C (12 F), but it "felt like" -23 C (-9.4 F) with windchill. The next day it dropped again to -17 C (1.4 F) but with still a very strong windchill that made it a LOT colder. Man, Toronto was FREZZZZZZZZING!!!!

I got back to London a couple days ago and since then it's been a reasonable -2 C (28 F) which is a walk in the park compared to Jan 1 and 2 in Toronto, man this country is nuts!!!

Whhhhhhhooohoooo it's cooooollld

Oh Canada

Wandered by my old work to see some friends

Out at Spring Rolls (again) with Matt and Alex

Kate and Angie (aka Numero)

Paul and Shay

Me and Kate

Back at Angie and Paul's place, rockin' a funny stemless wine glass

Good times!!

Haha, awesome

Angie chillin' while we rock out some guitars/bongos

Paul workin' it, guitar-wise

Sweet deals

Haha I love it

My long-lost "brother" Kristjan Bergey!!!!!!!!!!

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