Friday, January 25, 2008

I like movies

Yep, I like movies.

That's why sometimes I just wander around on the RottenTomatoes and IMDB websites for hours, reading reviews, watching trailers, looking at filmography lists of actors and actresses that I like.

I found out some cool random info, here we go.

This movie looks cool. It's called Paris Je T'aime, and it's different stories about love in Paris. Coolest part? It's directed by 18 DIFFERENT directors?!?!? And, wait for it... one of them is Joel Coen, another is Ethan Coen, and it's produced by Ethan Coen... so obviously it's good. And there are like 1000 cool actors and actresses in it. And it's an independent film, and it only made $4 million so it's probably really good because the general public doesn't have the patience for it. And it has an 84% on RottenTomatoes. And Natalie Portman is in it (beautiful) and Maggie Gyllenhaal is in it (glorious). And it's about Paris. Sounds like a good movie to me!

But not all independent movies are missed by the crowds. Juno is now sitting at #4 in the Box Office (#3 last week), and already has made $87 million!! Awesome!! If you recall my earlier review, Juno is freakin' amazing, and just so Canadian.

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