Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Autodesk and ILM win Scientific and Technical Academy Awards

Check out this press release from AMPAS from last week...


Technical Achievement Awards (Academy Certificate)

To Duncan Brinsmead, Jos Stam, Julia Pakalns and Martin Werner for the design and implementation of the Maya Fluid Effects system.

This system is used to create simulations of gaseous phenomena integrated into the widely available Maya tool suite, using an unconditionally stable semi-Lagrangian solver.

Scientific and Engineering Awards (Academy Plaque)

To Nick Rasmussen, Ron Fedkiw and Frank Losasso Petterson for the development of the Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) fluid simulation system.

This production-proven simulation system achieves large-scale water effects within ILM’s Zeno framework. It includes integrating particle level sets, parallel computation, and tools that enable the artistic direction of the results.

Now this... is JUST AWESOME.

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