Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An Open Letter to the American Voting Public... from a Canadian

I just watched Barack Obama's speech to Dr. Martin Luther King's church in Atlanta, Georgia, in honour of Martin Luther King day here in the United States.

It is awe-inspiring. It's long, about 34 minutes, but definitely worth your time.

My response to the video... and an Open Letter to the American Voting Public...

I am a young Jewish Canadian living in America. I have moved to your wonderful country to live and to work, and to contribute to your country in a professional job, to volunteer and to improve this country that I was not born in, nor did I even grow up in. It is this message of hope and of the opportunity to improve the moral deficit of America that drives me in my relationships with my new American friends, and in my new community here.

Since I am not an American citizen, I cannot vote. But I tell you there is no one who could do a better job to fix America than Barack Obama. I have traveled the world, backpacking across Europe and Australia, and as a Canadian I have noticed and overheard so many people in the world who are angry with America... people who think Americans are arrogant and brash and worthless. America must change the world's opinion, and must CARE what people think. The rest of the world is just as valid in their opinions as America. America must take care of her own people, of the people at the bottom of the ladder who can't afford to eat or to get necessary medical care, and to treat these people with respect as we try our best to do in my home country of Canada. Americans must CARE about these people.

This kind of wide, sweeping change, as Barack Obama says in his speech, cannot come without sacrifice. People must swallow their pride, admit that they are wrong... and start the road to change and to the improvement of a country that is so great, and has the potential to be so, so much more.

Barack Obama is an inspiration. He is the voice of our generation. I am not an American Citizen, I cannot vote. But YOU can. Vote for Barack Obama.

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