Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Annecy International Animation Festival

Here I am in Annecy, France for the 2007 Annecy International Animation Festival!! Matt Lausch and I are now travelling together and it is totally awesome!!!! We are staying in a place called Rumilly which is super out of the way but it's really nice there. Annecy ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

We've seen lots of movies: Brave Story, Azur and Azmat, Shrek 3, Flushed Away, something super weird called Animation and Desires, and a selection of amawing short films. Swwwweeet!! Today we go to Film Noir, then to a RenderMan talk then to more short films tonight. This ROCKS.

Passion fruit

Matt in Lyon

Dans le train

Sweet pensive photo

Walking to the B&B from the train station


Nice cat


Water in Annecy

Festival stage

Cool Jetsons art

Matt and a crazy dog who followed us

Matt getting a Shrek 3 poster signed by the Production Designer of Shrek 3

Stage with paper airplanes that everyone was throwing for some reason

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malarki said...

meet george jetson...
his boy elroy...
daughter judy...
jane, his wife!!!