Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ehhhhh, what's-a-matta-your-face?!

Um... well either I am allergic to Modena - and I hope not cause it was a cool area and had nice smelling trees and really fast awesome cars - or I am either iron-deficient or got a huge bug bite (big bite most likely.)

So my day at the Lamborghini museum was TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY awesome as you might have gathered from the unrestrained enthusiasm of my last post. But, all throughout the day I had noticed that my jaw was hurting a bit and I didn't know what to do, so naturally I just ignored it and kept looking at sweet cars.

Later in the evening it got worse, but I assumed I just slept on it weird or something.

The next morning it was MUCH worse. So bad I could hardly eat anything. So I went to the pharmacist and asked what to do and he said I should continue to take advil and not worry about it since it would probably go away in a few days. I got in my head somehow that I was iron-deficient since I hadn't eaten enough vegetables or something, even though 1 side of your jaw swollen makes little-to-no sense as a sympton of iron-deficiency I reckon. But anyway I bought and ate a huge zuchini/cucumber to be safe and 2 bananas. Weird. But that day was also my travel day to Venice so I just pressed on through instead of wussing out.

It hurt a LOT. And not in one of those "this is hilarious and I'll totally laugh and blog about it in a few days" kind of way. (Even though I am totally doing that right now, hehe) It was more of a "holy crap this is potentially an allergic reaction to my last hostel or something crazy and I am about 2 seconds from busting out my travel insurance and going to a doctor" kind of situation. Crazy times.

So I tried to eat more but it hurt a lot. I got to Venice ok and met Jeff and "Bix" on the platform for the bus, two awesome dudes from New Hampshire and Texas and they were also going to the campsite. Instead of wussing out I just pushed on through. It hurt a lot the next day too. But the day after it was almost totally better and now I can't even remember where exactly the swelling was. It seems like maybe it was a bite of some sort and swelled up a lot so it was hard to eat. Either way, that was nuts.

But I'm glad I can blog and laugh about it now. 2 days ago I was freakin' out. It was also one last straw in the scenario of backpacking for just about long enough: ingrown toenail, multiple mosquito bites, random bleeding from random cuts, bruises from random things and general sweatiness associated with constant backpacking. So I was getting tired of schleeping all my stuff and then I got this pounding headache and jaw ache and it got me kinda worked up. Anyway no worries, and the beauty of Venice put my potential complaining to a halt before it even started, thank goodness!! (Mom and Dad, aren't you glad I called you/blogged this AFTER I'd sorted it all out so you didn't have to worry?!) :)

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