Thursday, June 21, 2007


Pompeii was nuuuuuuuuts. It was super cool and I spent a few hours walking around there. Pompeii is an ancient city that was covered in ash from the Mt. Visuvious volcano that erupted back in 74 BCE. The entire city was preserved and was excavated a few hundred years ago, super crazy and essentially you can walk around there and it's just like walking around a 2000 year old city. Pretty crazy stuff. It was very interesting and I took a bunch of photos of course.

In the evening I hung out with people from my hostel again, they rocked. Ally and Kate from England were specifically awesome, and, obviously, they are from Kent. This further proves that I think everyone who comes from Kent is fantastic.

Near the entrance to Old Pompeii

Forum area


Streets of Old Pompeii

Cool "One Way" sign on the street, crazy eh?!

Me eating really good fresh Mozarella for lunch

Grand Theatre in Pompeii


Stones to cross the road when there was water in the road and tracks for horse carriages!

A food take away place

Baths for soaking yarn


More food take aways


Amphitheatre inside

Walking in Pompeii

Road crossing stones


Stone and horse carriage tracks

View from my hostel in Positano

New friends from Canada

New friends from USA and Australia

Ally and I at breakfast

Kate and I at breakfast

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