Saturday, June 09, 2007

First day in Venice

I arrived in Venice a little tired and worked up after the puffy jaw incident (see previous post), but still hit up the town right away anyway. I headed in with Bix and Jeff and went wandering around for hours and went to the Per Rialto, the Nuovo Ghetto and San Marco's square. The Nuovo Ghetto was intense - the place where the word "Ghetto" was coined and aparantely the first known Jewish Ghetto in the world. It was crazy to walk in there and imagine that so many people used to have to live in that cramped area. All in all, an excellent start to Venice.

Then we got back... and there was a HUGE Contiki group at our campsite, doing some sort of crazy sumo wrestling with tons of people cheering, it was nuts. So we assumed we were going right to bed, instead we watched the crazyness, drank some wine and then danced on the tables in the bar until 2 in the morning. The next day, somehow I was actually feeling a lot BETTER than before, so I guess my sweet dance moves must have made my jaw get better!! Sweeeeeeet.


The boys and I on the way to Venice

Me on Per Dell Academie



Me on Per Rialto

Jeff rockin' a beer in the street



Me at the entrance to the Ghetto Nuovo

Inside the Ghetto

Barbed Wire

Holocaust Memorial

More of the Holocaust Memorial


Synagogue in the Ghetto

View from outside the Ghetto

At San Marco Square

At San Marco Square

Headed back to the campsite

Sweet boats

Hangin' out

Sumo Wrestling at the campsite

Crazy Bar

Workin' it

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