Friday, June 22, 2007

Lazy day on Positano Beach

Today was suppppppper lazy. We were going to leave Italy today and take the ferry tonight to Patras in Greece. Turns out that there is another Train Strike in Italy today. Bugger. So instead of worrying about crazy details of traveling anyway with the strike on, we just stayed here in Positano another night and did absolutely nothing all day on the beach. Fantastic. I am going to Greece tomorrow with my new friend Luke from Aussie and I'll stay in Athens for a few days before hitting up Mikonos, Paros, maybe Ios, then Santerini, maybe Rhodes, then Kos.


Me, Mike, Luke

Me, Mike, Luke again

Me, Mike, Luke and the 2 Aussie Girls

Chillin' at the beach

Luke at the beach

Me at the beach



Workin' it

Still workin' it, Italy style

This random dude who looked SO Italian

The guys after me sneakily taking the previous photo of the super Italian dude

Luke and Mike

Haha the hilarious Italian dude again

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