Sunday, June 24, 2007

Night of partying in Positano

Positano was a bunch of fun and man what a great bunch of people (mostly Aussies) at my hostel in Positano. On the last night there, which was a couple of nights ago now, we went out to this place called "Music on the Rocks", a bar inside a sort of rock cave thing on the Positano beach and man it was cool!! They played a bunch of crazy disco stuff but also some hip hop so that was totally sweet. Turns out that my new buddy Luke and I got along insanely well since one of the first things he said was, "Mate, I like doing crazy handshakes", haha so we had a few things in common.

So yeah, he was nuts and so Luke and I left the hostel with the rest of the Aussies and some cool guys from the states too, and busted a move somthin' fierce in the bar. It roooocked. Then we trekked up the hill again in Positano and it was suuuch a long walk. Crazy!! Fun times and we got only maybe 4 hours of sleep before the start of a HUGE day of travel. Haha oh well, we definitely enjoyed it!!

On the deck at the hostel

Pretending to be Emo

Luke and I dancing it up

Me in my awesome new shirt

Meghan and I

At the club

Luke at the club

Bustin' a move!!

The cool guys we met from Boston

Good times!!!!!!

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