Saturday, June 30, 2007


Santorini is just as awesome and as fantastic as I expected. We got here yesterday and met some girls from England, Liz and Yiota. George and I rented 4WD ATV bikes and after meeting up with the girls again on the beach we invited them to go for a drive to watch the sunset at the lighthouse. That roooocked.

Then we headed back and chillin' in Perissa Beach, the area where we are staying. In the evening we went for some amazing Greek food (it's all amazing eh) and then went to a Canadian bar to try some Ouzo and have a great time.

This morning I got up a bit earlier and drove all the way to Red Beach, then walked to White Beach. After this I caught a glimpse of Black Beach. These names are for the colour of sand at the beach. In between White Beach and Black Beach I managed to find a tiny and super seculuded beach, and there was absolutely nobody there. I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a slight bit of naked swimming, haha. I'd forgotten my bathing suit at home, and there was no one else around... so, as they say, "When in Santorini..." haha.

The water was nice and warm (thank goodness) and then I drive to the lighthouse again. It was soooo awesome today. Now I am in the town of Fira, the capital of Santorini. George and I have only 4 more hours with the ATVs so we are going to get some food and then check out the big monastry before heading back to Perissa Beach. At 5am today I leave for Kos to meet my parents so I am excited for that!!

Naxos on the way to Santorini

Cliffs in Santorini

Bus ride up the hill

Perissa Beach

ATVs, mine is the yellow one

Sunset on the way to the lighthouse

Liz on the back of my bike and me trying to not get lost driving to the lighthouse

Cool picture on the way to the lighthouse



Birds flying and the sunset


Lighthouse and British girls

Lighthouse with George and I

And another classy pose

Workin' it

Nice pice of the 4 of us

Cool stuff for sale on the way back, I got some local Santorini sweet wine


Dolmades and Fried Zuchinni

Greek Salad

Lamb in Lemon Sauce

Stuffed Peppers

At the Canadian bar


Driving to the beach this morning

At Red Beach

Red Beach and a Red Boat!!

Me at Red Beach

Red Beach

Cool lizard on the beach in between Red and White

Haha I have pants on in this picture, but a minute before I didn't and swam in the buff in this part of the Aegean Sea!! haha awesome.

On the way back to Perissa Beach


So happy to be driving an ATV

At the lighthouse again

Funny picture on the cliff

Santorini is awwesssooome!!!!!!!!!

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