Monday, June 04, 2007

That necessary Leaning Tower of Pisa photo

The next day after Cinque Terre I took off with the girls from Montana (who, by the way, are totally awesome) to Florence via Pisa. This was the end of my travels with Ans and we said goodbye and I think he was really happy that we got to travel together for so much of the trip. Me too, it was really awesome and I think we managed well traveling together. Good times!! Anyway Ans took off to Geneva in Switzerland and I went to Pisa with the girls. It was great, very small and quaint, with some HUGE buildings. We all liked different parts of it, Crystine loved the buildings, Jess made fun of the tacky stuff with me, and Monique loved the shopping. I think we all agreed that the gelato was freakin' sweet.

Nutella for breakfast on the train


Crystine, Monique and I in Pisa

Yeah, ridiculous leaning tower of Pisa photo!!

I squish-a your head

Cool Baptistry building

Leaning Tower

Crystine thinking about buying a parasol

Tackiest things ever, Pisa lamps with lights in them

Me with my takeout Pizza box

Cool outdoor reading area in a bookstore

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