Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Annecy Animation Festival

I didn't quite post all the pics from Annecy yet so here are some more with some glorious captions. Good times!! I think I explained all the details from Annecy... the last night we actually managed to stay in Annecy rather than in Rumilly and it worked out really well, we had a great time and got to stay out late and hang out with our new friends who rocked.

The festival was SOOOOOO awesome... we listened to a talk called "The Making of Surfs Up", and the director and producer of Surfs Up were there. It was REALLY cool. Looks like they somehow rigged up a REAL camera to Maya and animated the film and then did something crazy like "film" the movie like the set was real and collected the camera data!! CRAZY!!!!!! So the movie gets a real kind of camera feel, like the show "The Office" they said. SO cool. I can't wait to see it.

Anyway, onto the photos.

Matt and I on Lac De Annecy

Our new friends, Animation students from France!!

Matt and I chillin' in Annecy

Workin' an Ice Cream on the way home to Rumilly

Sweeeeeeet Renderman teapot we got at the Pixar talk

Lunchtime again

Pixar booth at MIFA

Sweet deals

MIFA chill out area

Me at MIFA

Walk back to Bonlieu, where the "Grande Salle" theatre was

AWESOME Tartlette Framboise and some sort of weird Cappucino that was good

The Annecy Crystals, the awards for the best films

Our new friends and Matt and I having a drink and olives

Matt at dinner

Me at dinner


Mmm... Fish in good Roquefort sauce

Finally, my first cheese fondue in France!!

Rockin' the fondue

Annecybernight crazy outdoor dance party

DJs and lights

Walk back to the Annecy hotel

Nice reflections on Lac De Annecy

Coffee on the train to Roma

Workin' the coffee on the train to Roma

The dinner we had to buy to stay in the dining cart

Pasta roooocccks in Italy

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