Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rome Day 2: Jewish Ghetto, Piazzas and Pantheon

Guess what? Yeah, today was AWESOME. Again.

I started off the day a little later, around 11:30, but that didn't stop me from walking for 8 hours straight again today. I think yesterday was 10 hours, thus the sleeping in this morning. :)

I went to the Synagogue first, which was super cool and had the Jewish Museum in it. The best part was going into the Synagogue itself... MAN IT WAS HUGE!!!!!!!! Super interesting old style too with this weird sort of decorated Hebrew writing everywhere. It looked almost like Arabic script, it was super flowing and decorative Hebrew actually. Really cool. The dome was HUGE and created almost like a church. Very neat and well kept place too. I got a Murano glass Star of David too, so that roooocks.

After that I went to the Jewish ghetto which was not as dark and cramped as the one in Venice, and was pretty interesting. I managed to go to a cool Italian Judaica store and spend a bunch more money on cool stuff. Oh yeah, I also went to Hard Rock Cafe today (had to do that at least once I suppose) and got the obligatory Hard Rock Cafe shirt. Awesome.

Then I had a nice lunch and went to the Piazza Navona and Campo de Flori, and then to the Pantheon before returning back to hang out with my roommate in the hostel. His name is Marcello and he is Japanese-Brazillian! We are going to head out to the Trasevere area tonight to get a drink, that is good cause I wanted to see some of Rome at night but not on my own, so this is good!!

Ok now for some photos.

Hey look, it's a swordfish!

Cafe Americano at McDonald's!!

Nice fountains where I had my coffee

Hard Rock Cafe Rome

Disco Ball

Hard Rock Cafe

Dude playing piano in the area where I got a coffee later on in the afternoon

Synagogue doors

Synagogue from the side

Synagogue from the front

Old Jewish Ghetto

Cool store where I bought lots of cool stuff

Jewish Ghetto

Jewish Ghetto

Cinque Scole, the place where the 5 small Synagogues used to be, all different Synagogues for Jews who were put in the ghetto but were from different areas, and so had different customs they wanted to upkeep in their Synagogues.

Lunchtime along the River Tiber

Me at lunchtime

Piazza Navona

Palazzo di Giustizia


Light beam inside the Pantheon


Cool stuff I bought, Hard Rock Cafe Roma shirt, jewelery

Awesome Magen David pendant I bought, and a reaaaaaaally cool other pendant, it is a shield representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and it is what Kohains used to wear on their clothes in the olden days. I am a Kohain so I have been looking for one of these since I first heard about it. Super cool.

Nice Murano Glass Magen David I bought today!!

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