Thursday, June 21, 2007

Island of Capri

Today I went to the Island of Capri on an excursion from Positano. It was soooooo nice. We saw the White Grotto, the Green Grotto, and then... the Blue Grotto!! They were all awesome, of course. We saw a bunch of cool rockfaces and so on and then took some time to chill on the island of Capri itself. We also got to jump off the boat and go swimming. Awesome!! I had a really expensive but really good lunch.

On the way to Capri

Sweet cliffs

The White Grotto

Check out how chear this water is!!

More cliffs

Cool rock we drove the boat between


The Green Grotto

The Green Grotto

Smaller boats going into the Blue Grotto

Smaller boats going into the Blue Grotto

Ammmmmmazing Blue Grotto

Inside the Blue Grotto

This was awesome

Boats on Capri Island

In Capri City

Super expensive but tasty Cafe Shakerrato I got

Amazing lunch of Grilled Chicken and Salad

The view from the restaurant at lunch

View just outside the restaurant

The restaurant I went to

More views

Cable Car that takes you to and from Capri Town

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