Monday, June 18, 2007

Rome Day 3: St. Peter's, Sistine Chapel and the Vatican

Today I went to the Vatican! It was really interesting and the buidings were HUGE. The coolest part was the famous Michelangelo painting inside the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basicilla was huuuuuuuuge!! Super cool and I took a gazillion photos as usual.

Also last night I went out to the Trastevere area with my roommate in the hostel, Marcello. He is Japanese-Brazillian and we went to check out that area and I got some SWEET photos of Rome at night, and then bought a Mojito (which rocked, by the way). MAN I love this trip.

Me at the Trevi Fountain at night

Marcello and I chillin' out

Colloseum at night!!

Me at the Colloseum at night!!

Haha this thing is SO WEIRD!! Haha this is the Teatro de Marcelo, I think it looks like someone took an apartment building and smushed it together with an earlier and smaller version of the Colloseum. This is SO weird and hilarious.

Crazy show at Trastevere on the River Tiber

Marcello chillin' in Trastevere

Haha, this morning I ordered an "Americano" Coffee again. Haha. I think to just stick it to any jerks who are from North America and don't like "normal" Italian coffee, they dumped my Americano into a "takeaway cup" - two large Pepsi paper cups, and gave me a lid and a straw for it?!?!!!!!!!! Haha!! I think this is a tongue-in-cheek way of making a point when you order an "Americano" rather than just an Espresso or a Cappucino, haha. Either way, it was both delicious AND hilarious, so it totally made my day awesome.

Me getting closer to St. Peter's Basillica

Pillars at St. Peter's

Inside the Vatican Museum

Cool cartography stuff

AMAZING Michelangelo's painting on the roof of the Sistine Chapel!!

Cool globe

More Vatican Museum

St. Peter's from inside the Vatican Museum

Some Raphael paintings

Van Gogh's work

Salvador Dali

More Salvador Dali

Cool Jewish artwork

More of Michelangelo's masterpiece

Close up of G-d and Adam from Michelangelo's painting!!

Me and the girls I met from Hamilton, rockin' some Gelato

Me in St. Peter's square

Me and a fountain

Inside St. Peter's Basillica

Light beams inside St. Peter's Basillica

St. Peter's Basillica

St. Peter's Basillica

Cool stained glass in St. Peter's Basillica

Closeup of stained glass

Roof of St. Peter's Basillica

Outside St. Peter's Basillica

Castle on the way back to the hostel

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